Steve Harwood

Labour Activist, #Sharkstoppers Campaigner and Blogger

Labour Activist, #Sharkstoppers Campaigner and Blogger. All views are my own (well, some were originally my mother's...) 


Well Hello. You appear to be on my website – that is an excellent starting point for what I’m about to say.


If you have a few moments to have a look around, and share with me your thoughts, I would be greatly obliged.


The site is in, as they say on the Interwebs, ‘Beta’. I believe this is the technical term for when barely tech savvy person has spent so long making tweaks that they’re not sure councillour is even a word any more. To say I can see no further typing errors is not to say that they aren’t there.


Ideally, this website would be a central point that I could send people to when they ask for the various things I’m currently e-mailing/putting on facebook groups/putting on twitter/adding to various blogs. Therefore, if there is something you would hope to find here but can’t, please let me know – there isn’t really any other central theme.


I’m still working on the Swanscombe Directory, but if you know of a business, service or community organisation that should be listed please let me know. Likewise if you have any Swanscombe based events you like me to post, please let me know.


Comments are fine. Or e-mails, texts, tweets, facebook messages, or any other method you’d care to use.


Many thanks



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