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Labour Activist, #Sharkstoppers Campaigner and Blogger. All views are my own (well, some were originally my mother's...) 

The Cost Of Cameron

I ran for councillor for Swanscombe because I wanted to help this community and the people here.

Why then, people ask, did I run as a Labour Candidate? Why not run as an independent? What does national politics have to do with the local community?

The answer is, I joined Labour because I know that the national Coalition government are hurting local communities across the UK, including this one.

People are rightly upset that the Oast House is closing. They’ve been contacting me every day, asking who is responsible, who they can complain to, what they can do.

I’d love to blame the Tory run local council, but it isn’t their fault. It wasn’t their service, they didn’t withdraw funding, they didn’t close it down.

It’d be convenient to blame AGEUK, but it’s not their fault either. They tried everything possible to stay open, but the shortfall was running into hundreds of thousands of pounds. They simply didn’t have the means to keep providing these vital services.

So who do I blame? David Cameron.

For years, we’ve seen the news stories, telling us how many charities are suffering thanks to Cameron’s austerity measures. Saying that people can’t make charitable donations, because they’re struggling to pay for food and shelter. Saying people are having to stop using these services, because even though they’re subsidised they’re just too expensive for people on the poverty line. Those news stories sound as though they’re miles away, they’re about policies being passed all the way up in Westminster and about people all over the country.

But they’re not miles away. They’re right here in Swanscombe – and now the Oast House is closed.

The next step for your local representatives is to try and replace those services, and already we’re working on organising some locally provided and organised elderly care. But does that mean we have to accept the loss, take on the work and wait for the next local disaster?

I don’t think so.

That’s why myself and others in Swanscombe will be out on the Highstreet on Sunday to talk to people about the Cost of Cameron and how they can fight bad decisions being made miles away.

If you’re angry about the Oast House closure and you don’t want to see more of the same, I invite you to join us and make your voice heard.

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