Steve Harwood

Labour Activist, #Sharkstoppers Campaigner and Blogger

Labour Activist, #Sharkstoppers Campaigner and Blogger. All views are my own (well, some were originally my mother's...) 

If you believe everything that you read in the papers, community is dead. People no longer keep an eye out for their neighbours or support local businesses. There’s no point holding a community event, because no one will come. There’s no point in politicians going into the community, because no one wants to know.


Nonsense. Community isn’t dead. It just moved to Swanscombe.


The reason I wanted to be a councillor was because I wanted to be councillor for Swanscombe. Because in Swanscombe, if you knock on someone’s door they’ll talk to you about their town. If you organise a town meeting, people will come out and speak. If there is a local cause or campaign they’ll be out in force. Swanscombe is the proud home of the Pavilion, a real community members club that was recently renovated by local volunteers, and The George and Dragon, a pub with a microbrewery run entirely in-house. It’s home to the Swanscombe Tigers Football Club, Grooves Dance Academy, The Trinity Badminton Club, a North Kent Martial Arts Club and Cosy Bowls.  It has a politically active residents association, a town council and a town warden. It has a Scout group, an active church community, and several groups run by volunteers from the community for the community, including social clubs for the elderly, mother and baby groups and a local chapter of the MS Society. Residents here still buy from independent shops on their local high street, enrol their children in the local schools they went to and visit the same local as their parents. They go on litter picks, maintain community gardens and campaign to improve their local area.


In short, Swanscombe is the best place in the world, and I’m very proud to represent it.  

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